Confirmed Cases About To Skyrocket In U.S. (Coronavirus Update #6)

The number of confirmed cases has been hovering around 280 for the last 24 hours, but that isn’t a good thing… it’s actually really bad.

Earlier this week, the government announced that the people facing this epidemic would have a million test kits to help screen for the Coronavirus. Friday, it’s being reported that these tests are not ready, and we’ve possibly seen less than 2,000 total tests administered.

In places that do have tests, we are seeing a huge spike. Cases doubled in New York in the last 24 hours.

It is very likely that the Coronavirus has spread and as more tests come in, the number of confirmed cases is going to skyrocket. To people paying attention to this virus, this isn’t shocking news, but the problem is, not everyone is paying attention.

When news spreads that this is in almost every state and thousands of people have COVID-19, then the average person is going to rush to stores and we’re going to see some horrible signs of panic.

If you have not gotten some supplies, go get them now. Stores could very easily be almost empty of many items as early as Tuesday of next week. Right now, face masks, hand sanitizer, cleaning wipes and vitamin C is almost absent from most stores. More items will be added to that list as the number of confirmed cases go up.

The smartest organizations and businesses are starting to make drastic changes and decisions. The NCAA Division III post-season tournament is banning fans from the games.

Many businesses are telling the employees to work from home. This are drastic steps that are costing businesses millions of dollars, but they see that it is necessary. Equally, it is necessary for you to be making hard decisions and prepare for the Coronavirus to hit just about every part of the United States.

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