Coronavirus Closings Coming To America (Coronavirus Update #4)

Streets in China have been quiet for a while. The tourist destinations around Italy are eerily empty of visitors. The Louvre in Paris has been shut down, and now it’s coming to America.

Just this past Sunday, we only had one death in America and under 80 confirmed cases. In the past few days we’ve seen the deaths from Coronavirus spike to nine. We’ve also seen a big jump in the number of new cases and now over 125. States on the East Coast are starting to confirm cases.

In the south, Florida, Georgia and North Carolina all have new cases. In the north, more cases have popped up in New York and now cases in Rhode Island, Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

The biggest threat is to the Seattle area. Now an Amazon worker in downtown Seattle has been diagnosed with COVID-19. About a quarter of America’s confirmed cases are coming from the Seattle area, and all the deaths are from Washington.

Looking at the explosion of new cases in Italy and South Korea, it is likely we’ll continue to see the numbers grow. It is inevitable.

What does that mean? Well, in China, they shut down their cities to slow the spread.

Here we are starting to see some businesses getting out ahead of the potential spread and canceling events.

Some of the biggest tech conferences have been moved or canceled. A big Google event, the Facebook 8 event and the Adobe Summit are just a few that have been announced.

Colorado doesn’t have any confirmed cases, but the 11,000 person American Physical Society’s March Meeting has been cancelled.

Quietly, concerts from major acts are being cancelled in affected areas and non-affected areas. Everyone from Bone Thugs-N-Harmony to Ozzy Osborne have cancelled shows this week.

It seems that this is just the start. As this virus continues to spread in the United States, the only way that seems to slow the progress is to isolate people.

Things are getting really serious with this illness, and it is important that we are as serious in our response and preparedness. Most of Americans don’t think this is a big deal yet. They have not stocked up on any needed items and when it is obvious that their lives are changing around them, it will be too late.

Take this time, before the big spread and any coming panic to prepare yourself. Educate yourself and get ready for the streets to be very empty in the near future.

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