Coronavirus’ Secret Casualties

Officially, over 92,000 people have been infected with COVID-19 and 3,129 deaths. The virus is all over the news, but there are some casualties coming that we can’t avoid at this point.

There may be 106 infected in the United States, but soon we’re all going to feel the effects of this illness.

With factories shut down in China, a lot of products that we’ve grown accustomed to, won’t be as available in the future. That means companies like Apple, Nike and a ton of others won’t be able to get their products made. If they can’t make them, they can’t sell them.

If companies can’t hit their numbers, then they are going to have to fire employees. Stores that don’t have products to sell will have to close and jobs will be lost. There may be 3,129 deaths, but the number of jobs that could be lost to this illness could be staggering.

The Federal Reserve announced early on Tuesday that they are instituting their first emergency rate cut since 2009. If the banks are making moves, then they are worried. And they should be.

The film industry is going to take a hit as well. Not only does a lot of money in Hollywood come from China, a lot of fans come from the home of COVID-19 as well. People are not going to movies in China, and if the virus hits the states hard, then people won’t be going to movies here either.

Aside from the more obvious money issues that could devastate he film industry, talent could be affected as well.

Tom Cruise and the rest of the Mission Impossible crew were filming in Italy and had to shut down production due to the virus. Cruise is currently quarantined in a luxury hotel in Italy.

Celebrities and politicians are some of the most vulnerable people. They attract crowds and travel a lot. They shake lots of hands, and could be some of the most vulnerable to COVID-19.

If the spread continues in the United States, will we continue to have major rallies, and will the candidates hitting the streets in affected places like California, Washington and New York, be able to stay free from the virus? It is scary to think about.

In Iran, some of their top leadership have already died due to Coronavirus and it is spreading quick. This illness doesn’t care if you are rich or poor. It doesn’t care if you are famous or powerful. Everyone is in danger, and hopefully we’ll get a handle on the spread before things get really serious.

In the mean time, it is important to make sure you are stocking up on vitamins and items that your family will need if more disruptions happen. Wash those hands, stay healthy and keep checking back for more updates.

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