Everything Is About To Change (Coronavirus Update #5)

If you scroll through social media, you’ll see some people freaking out about Coronavirus, but there are a lot of people that think this isn’t anything to worry about. They post numbers about how the flu is more deadly, but everything is about to change over the next few days.

Just last Monday, Italy only had about 80 cases. A week later, they have over 3,000 and the government has decided to close down all schools through March 15th. Life has changed for those living in Italy.

Iran is now limiting travel within their own country in an attempt to curb the virus that has infected and even killed people in the government. They have over 3,000 confirmed with over 600 new cases on Wednesday alone.

South Korea had 760 new cases on Wednesday. The country has declared war on the virus and creating “special care zones” to help take care of people. The government is doing whatever they can on order to stop the spread.

But what about America?

On Monday we had 80 cases, but now we have 165. We’ve doubled in a very short amount of time, but what steps are we taking to limit the spread?

In hotspots, like the Seattle area where there are 40 cases and 10 deaths, what is happening? Despite being the epicenter for the Coronavirus in the United States, Seattle hasn’t shut down. Not much has changed.

In China, they had to limit the travel and movement of about a billion people. In America, except for those known to have the virus or known contact, people can move as they wish.

As in China, South Korea, Italy and Iran, the only way to stop the spread is to stop the movement of people. It isn’t a matter of if we will start limiting movement, but a matter of when. It’s coming and everything is about to change.

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